Friday, 30 August 2013

You're a sales assistant, how can you afford to travel?!

As a minimum wage, part-time sales assistant I know it's not easy to save up money to travel. But it is possible. Having been white water rafting in Nepal, bungee jumping in New Zealand and paragliding in Colombia, it definitely is possible. I am fed up of people telling me they would love to travel to other countries but that they could never afford it. If you live in the UK, or other western country, then you CAN afford it, IF you want it bad enough. I'll admit some things I have had to cut back on. I can't buy new clothes whenever I feel like it, I can't go out drinking all the time or eat out every night. My lifestyle might be slightly simpler than others, but it certainly isn't basic. All it takes are a few changes, and you'll soon start to see the savings grow.

Where would you rather be in six months time, still working the same boring job or at Tayrona National Park, Colombia?

The first rule has to be live BELOW your means. If living in that swanky new apartment is going to eat up all your salary, then you need to downgrade. That might mean sharing a house/flat with somebody. I know that won't be to everybodys taste, but it's up to you, how badly do you want to save up? Do you buy lunch out everyday? If so, make a pack lunch. Those extra couple of pounds everyday will pay for a night's accommodation in some countries. Don't jump in a taxi everytime it's raining, invest in a new raincoat and if possible, walk! So many times people have been shocked when I've said I'm walking home from work (half an hour) in the rain. These are all basic ideas but it is amazing how many people think the odd pound here or there doesn't matter.

So, if you want help saving money for the trip of a lifetime, or for any other reason for that matter, I'll show you how.

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